Clustered Ark Survival Evolved Servers:


(Servers are set for Auto-Update)

Rate Setting
5x XP
10x Player Harvest
20x Tame Harvest
10x Taming
0.25x Mating
15x Egg Hatch
25x Baby Maturation
0.25x Baby Food Consumption
  • PvE Friendly Fire Disabled
  • PvE Gamma enabled
  • Hit Markers enabled
  • Cross hairs enabled
  • Cave flying enabled
  • All structure locking enabled
  • Lower player food, water & stamina drain
  • Max player level 300
  • Max wild dino level 300
  • Player location on map enabled
  • More items on platform saddles & rafts
  • Resources respawn quicker & a little closer to structures

Our servers are hosted on a dedicated server in Falkenstein, Germany and benefit from excellent worldwide connectivity.

Map IP Info
The Volcano weyland.cr0.me:27015 Pugnacia Modded Server
Aberration weyland.cr0.me:27025 Clustered
Center weyland.cr0.me:27035 Clustered, offline
Island weyland.cr0.me:27045 Clustered
Ragnarok weyland.cr0.me:27055 Clustered
Scorched Earth weyland.cr0.me:27065 Clustered

Other Servers: